Training to capture details in compositions

Photography is at its core about capturing a moment in time. The composition of this moment in time is in a majority of cases up to how the photographer wants to capture it. Sometimes changing the scenery is only possible in studio environments or waiting for the passing of day to capture a scene draped in a specific light. By just regarding this small example it shows how complex photography really can be.

Start training your vision

Everyone can take a picture, it is quite simple. However, not everyone can display complexity in simplicity or display an elegant composition. Discovering an interesting composition and realizing the potential of it is something only a select few is able to do. You should not be discouraged though because we are all able to train our eyes and brain to see these interesting compositions.

Change your mindset

Interesting compositions are surrounding us every day. But why do we not realize them and capture them? The most common reason is that the mindset has not yet changed to adapt to that of a photographer. We can still sometimes think “why would that make an interesting shot?”, when we instead should be taking pictures of almost everything. When we start taking a lot of pictures and seeing the results, it is easier to discover what was actually a good composition and a bad one.

Capture details in your compositions

One thing which is eventually easier to capture after an increased amount of photography is details. In your composition you will be able to incorporate more details or highlight some which are hidden. One example of where details can be hidden in the composition is with medical instruments. If you think about the composition, i.e. the setting, of where medical instruments are usually found, you will realize that they tend to blend into the environment. By focusing on a single detail or very few details, you can increase the impact of your picture tenfold. Take these general tips with you for your next photo session and see if you can begin to see some changes in your final results.