The Art of Underwater Photography

There is a brand new world of discovery waiting underwater. Just anyone who has been scuba diving, they will tell you about how much fun it can be. There are so many exciting things to see underwater. There are so many interesting creatures as well. But what’s the point in seeing everything if there is no way of creating a lasting memory? That’s where underwater digital imaging comes into the picture.

The right camera

But this isn’t something which can be done by any simple camera. Photographers will need to get a high-quality underwater digital camera if they want the best pictures. These cameras are water-resistant and will not get damaged even when they are used underwater.


Most waterproof cameras that don’t have external casings, cannot be taken more than 10 feet underwater. The main reason for this is because the water isn’t the only thing which is a threat to 2754110407_9cbcd3c0fa_zcameras underwater. The deeper a person goes, the more the water pressure is. This┬ápressure can get really hard as one goes deeper and a camera without proper external casing is not going to be able to stand up to the pressure.

Magnifying and blurring

Water has a very interesting characteristic of magnifying and blurring objects. When trying to take photographs underwater, if the camera is focused too closely on an object, it may not be able to get a proper picture. The more the water in between, the more blurry the image will get as well. This is why it is important to try and get a wide angle lens which will be able to capture the complete object from nearby instead of making the photographer backup.

These simple tips will make it so much easier for aspiring underwater photographers to take good pictures underwater. There is absolutely no reasons why pictures won’t come out perfect as long as the above is kept in mind.